VOYGAR, Connecting Systems provides you with All what you need in the field of Network & Communication, such as Copper, Fiber Optics, & Data Centers.



VOYGAR Connecting Systems, provides you with full range of copper cables which suites your needs and corresponding to international standards All categories : CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 and voice grade All types : UTP, FTP & STP Suitable connector

Fiber Optics

A flexible, transparent fiber made by silicon dioxide (SiO2), in which commonly used to transmit light signals between the two ends of fibers It offers • transmission over longer distances and higher data rates than wired cables...

Data Center

Cabling system not only includes cables, patch cords, connectors; but also includes data centers as a core part of the whole entire system. Cabinet not only for storing devices but also can provide protection, electromagnetic interference shielding, ...