Fiber Optics

VOYGAR Fiber Optics are made of a flexible, transparent fiber made by silicon dioxide (SiO2), in which commonly used to transmit light signals between the two ends of fibers It offers  transmission over longer distances and higher data rates than wired cables…


Two parallel steel wires construction cable suits for aerial installation.

With additional corrugated steel tape protection make it also available for duct installation

     Outdoor Parallel Steel Wires & Steel Armored Uni-tube Fiber Optic Cable

     Fiber Optic Pigtails

     Tight Buffered Optical Fiber


     VMDC00485-Micro-duct Fibre-optic Cable 4Core LSZH G652D Polyresin

     VMDC00285-Micro-duct Fibre-optic Cable 2Core LSZH G652D Polyresin